About Us

Meet The Norbury's

Norbury Creative is the husband and wife team made up of myself; Kirk and my lovely wife Rachael. We moved to Ayrshire over 6 years ago and it was the best decision we've ever made. Our passion is creating beautiful stories of your special day through the medium of photography and video. We've been together now for nearly 12 years, we met each other in high school and have now been married for 2 years. We know how strong the bond between two people can be and that your wedding is the stage in which you show your love for one another and to the world. When you book us for your day, you will be getting the both us, as together we make a strong team who's goal is always the same; documenting your love for each other in the best way possible. We want to focus on who you are to each other not just this day, so that when you look at your photographs or film you not only see your wedding day but the story of your love.